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As you face accumulating debt, you may naturally feel overwhelmed and discouraged. However, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may offer the debt relief you need to resituate yourself and your family. At The Dakota Bankruptcy Firm, our Chapter 13 lawyers in Fargo offer award-winning legal support to individuals seeking to rebuild their financial health. We can help you develop a 3-5-year repayment plan that will momentarily protect you from aggressive creditors and allow you to regain your balance in life.

Who Can File Chapter 13?

To qualify, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Your secured debt (e.g., house or car) must not exceed $1,257,850, and your unsecured debt (e.g., credit card or medical bill) must not exceed $419,275.
  • You must have a steady, regular income that shows the court you can afford to meet your monthly household obligations and pay into your proposed repayment plan (below).
  • You are an individual, not a business.

Is Chapter 13 Right For Me?

There are several reasons Chapter 13 might be the best debt relief option for you. For example, if you are not eligible for Chapter 7, Chapter 13 is likely the next best option. Chapter 13 also offers strong protection against foreclosure, largely because of the nature of the 3-5-year repayment plan. With Chapter 13 you can also keep nonexempt property (if it is being paid for in the repayment plan) that must otherwise be liquidated in Chapter 7. 

How to File For Bankruptcy Chapter 13

  1. Analyze your debts to determine eligibility.
  2. Value your property.
  3. Calculate your income.
  4. Fill out the necessary bankruptcy forms.
  5. Take the mandatory pre-filing course
  6. Pay the filing fee to file your bankruptcy forms.
  7. Give the trustee your 521 documents that prove your income and assets.
  8. Attend 341 meetings of creditors & the confirmation.
  9. Make your Chapter 13 payments
  10. Take the pre-discharge debtor education.
  11. Discharge your bankruptcy

Our Fargo Chapter 13 lawyers at The Dakota Law Firm can help you determine which type of bankruptcy is right for you, file your initial petition, and help you create the best repayment plan that will work for you. 

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Proposing Your Repayment Plan

The key part of Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the repayment plan, which you will propose to your creditors and the bankruptcy court. Your creditors and your court-appointed bankruptcy trustee may either accept or object to your plan, but upon making satisfactory changes the court will officially approve your plan at the final confirmation hearing. 

The court will likely confirm your plan if it meets the following criteria:

  • It is feasible for you to complete the plan (pay back the creditors as planned).
  • You proposed the plan in good faith.
  • The repayment plan complies with bankruptcy law.

The plan should cover your debt repayment strategy over 3-5 years. Most plans actually allow debtors to pay less than the amount owed, which is why Chapter 13 is a favorable option if you have the time and capability (disposable income). Some debts you can expect to pay back include priority debt (e.g., child support, alimony arrearages, and tax obligations), secured and unsecured debt, and the value of your nonexempt property if you want to keep it.

What Happens After Chapter 13 Is Paid Off?

At the conclusion of the repayment period, your remaining debts will be discharged. In general, you cannot pay off your Chapter 13 repayment plan earlier than planned unless you can pay back your creditors in full.

Is Chapter 13 Worth It?

The decision on whether filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy is worth it largely depends on individual circumstances.

On the positive side, Chapter 13 can be beneficial for those with a steady income who wish to keep their assets such as homes or cars. It offers the opportunity to repay debts in a more manageable way and provides protection from creditor harassment. This form of bankruptcy might be a viable solution for individuals who do not qualify for Chapter 7 but still have assets they want to protect.

However, Chapter 13 isn't without its downsides. It's often seen as an expensive endeavor that could potentially offer no lasting debt relief. The process can also negatively affect your credit score and stay on record for several years. Furthermore, it might not be the best choice for people who aren't in good financial shape despite the allure of no money down and extended payments.

To understand if filing for Chapter 13 will be worth it for you, it is crucial to carefully evaluate your financial situation and consult with a professional before making the decision. Get in touch with The Dakota Bankruptcy Firm by dialing (701) 394-3215.

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A Fargo Chapter 13 attorney at The Dakota Bankruptcy Firm can better help you navigate the bankruptcy process, from filing your initial petition to creating a viable repayment plan that meets your and your creditors’ needs. You can also obtain several significant protections by filing Chapter 13, such as avoiding foreclosure and creditor harassment, so it is in your best interests to discuss this option with an experienced Chapter 13 lawyer in Fargo, ND.

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